Andion is a Business Consulting Firm facilitating your personal and business needs.
ANDION is a Business Consulting Firm facilitating all your needs within our team or through one of our strategic alliances.

ANDION does credit risk assessments for individuals and companies, turnkey business solutions customized for launches of new businesses or products, and growth and development of companies. Andion is composed of a talented team, whose members from various backgrounds have over 30 years of experience as consultants in business.

As a consulting firm, our goal is to help companies achieve measurable, stable and sustainable growth by providing a range of comprehensive services and advice, which include: planning and implementation of company structure, budget planning, marketing strategies, and various services to resolve any operational type situation.

Furthermore, we offer project management services that will enable you to focus on developing your business and we will plan, execute and monitor your projects in various industries, such as in construction, renovation and others.
ANDION Believes In
Corporate Social Responsibility
We Care Because You Care
We collaborate with non-profit organizations dedicated to causes related to women, children and education. We believe that empowering women in developping countries is the key to successful communities world-wide.  Children are our future and at Andion we believe that a little help goes a long way. We aim to inform our clients about different charities that are focused on helping women and children in both developping and developped countries. 
We believe this to be our corporate responsibility.