1. 15 May, 2017
    A company that did not exist 7 years ago!
    A company that did not exist 7 years ago! Since @jack posted his first tweet seven years ago, Twitter has grown to over 200 million active users and 400 million tweets each day. Twitter has shared in the growing transformation of  the way the world communicates. Is Twitter Really Worth $10 Billion? Selected excerpts from WSJ article: Why Twitter has the potential to match some of the money-gushing properties of the Internet's greatest money gusher, Google Inc. "Twitter isn't worth $10 billion
  2. On Being A Good Leader
    26 Jun, 2013
    On Being A Good Leader
    On Being A Good Leader To build a successful business, you need to develop, encourage, empower and train good leaders. Character, integrity and attitude must be encouraged – and not just in the ownership group, but in the field, on the phones, waiting tables or at the grill. Leadership is not about a ‘position’ or a title.  Many of us have seen the son, daughter or nephew come in and get a Vice President title.  That title did not make them a leader (sometimes it has just the opposite effect
  3. That Vision Thing?
    21 Jun, 2013
    That Vision Thing?
    That Vision Thing? “What do you do?” started the conversation at a local BBQ. Out came a sentence of gibberish suitable for the most bent politico in your city (and we seem to have a few of them here). Huh? Give them your elevator speech – I suggested. “What is that?” was the blank response. It is how you explain your business (profession, cause, event) in the time it takes you to ride 10 floors in an elevator. I flip eggs Too short and too flippant I run a multiunit food and beverage group
  4. Change:  It is good for you, really!
    19 Jun, 2013
    Change: It is good for you, really!
    Change:  It is good for you, really! "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change." Charles Darwin Whether the seasons, a breakdown in your supply chain or the departure of a key staff member – we have all been forced to adapt and change to satisfy our clients’ needs. Andre Michalopoulos’ clients often misjudge the effects, of what they see as a simple change. We help them ask the ‘questions’ that can help them with the
  5. So Does Your Business Need a CFO?
    07 Jun, 2013
    So Does Your Business Need a CFO?
    So Does Your Business Need a CFO? The reality is that every business need a chief financial person – whether it is you, your accountant, your spouse or (yikes) your yearend auditor that you see once a year. What is a CFO – that is a Chief Financial Officer – and as the name applies it is the senior financial in an organization.  While every business may have a slightly different job description, our sources at, provided a good breakdown: Controllership duties - These make
  6. 10 May, 2013
    Innovation: Dangers and Rewards!
    Innovation: Dangers and Rewards! Innovate or perish?   In business we are often told that we must innovate to remain competitive.  This innovation does not have to be the next big thing.  Small and steady incremental improvements might be more than enough for you and your business.  But if the next big thing is staring you in the face are you ready to seize it? Recently we read, The Power of Why by Amanda Lang the well known reporter and personality, from the Lang & O’Leary Exchange on CBC
  7. 16 Apr, 2013
    Wean Yourself From The Noise
    Wean Yourself From The Noise April 16th, 2013 In Business, we need to make decisions.   We know that we do not live in a perfect world. We usually make decisions based on imperfect information. That leads to second guessing: partners, spouses, relatives, friends, bankers, lawyers and auditors to name but a few.   If you have been in business for a while we have all heard: "How could you...." "You should have known better..." "I told you...." "Why did you not ask me...." "My friend told
  8. 16 Apr, 2013
    Business Plans Are Boring!
    Business Plans are boring! April 16th, 2013 Do you want training on how to do a business plan? We have that Do you want a template on how to help you create a business plan? We have that Do you want some help in putting one together? The financial portion of your business plan The executive summary or strategic portion of your business plan The marketing elements of your business plan The writing and presentation of your business plan We have that too Do you want some help in getting funds,
  9. 09 Apr, 2013
    SEO: Myths and Mists!
    SEO:  Myths and mists! April 9th, 2013 My friend and I were we're talking about SEO and there were many myths which needed to be clarified.  Have a look at handful what we came up with that we thought might be useful to discuss. Myth #1: Which SEO tools should we use? MYTH #1 Which SEO tools should we use? Google is the most popular search engine. We need to use Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics traffic tracker in order to get the most of the free SEO tools available. Guidelines
  10. 31 Mar, 2012
    Business Planning: That Vision Thing - Revisited
    Business Planning:  That Vision Thing - Revisited So last week we discussed some of the reasons for business planning and the logic of letting your passion shine through a little. We also mentioned that you have to establish that there is need for your service; that you have the ability to service that need and therein lays the opportunity. You also need to explain why your past experiences have helped prepare you to deliver that service. That experience is a two sided coin.  You need to have
  11. 26 Mar, 2012
    It Is A Jungle Out There! Part 2
    It is a Jungle out there! Part 2 March 26th, 2012 In last week’s installment we discussed how guerrillas plan. That is, starting with the end in mind! We also discussed steps that can avoid that “end” being a dream – or perhaps a nightmare. We also pointed out that if you want a sensible plan you must write that desired end down. Writing it down begins changing the dream into reality! There is more that you must do to change the dream into reality. You must know your subject matter. You must
  12. It Is A Jungle Out There!
    19 Mar, 2012
    It Is A Jungle Out There!
    It is a Jungle out there! March 19th, 2012 So how about a Guerrilla approach to planning?  We are not talking about the gorillas that we saw in Tarzan movies.  Not exactly the guerrilla in the John Wayne war movies (think Rambo for you younger ones).  The dictionary defines a guerrilla as a “member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.”  Ever feel that way in business? So how do you do that in business?  More specifically how
  13. 07 Mar, 2012
    What's Preventing You from Succeeding
    What's Preventing You from Succeeding As you may have noticed we have been writing a series of articles on business planning.  This often leads to discussions when we meet people in the non-internet world. Recently I sat down with a couple of smart, experienced guys.  One of them was completing a near year-long course in a highly specialized trade. This person wanted to start his own business. The course gave them some "training" in doing so.  In fact, over coffee, he pulled out several
  14. 09 Sep, 2011
    Part 5: Growing Your Business– Value vs. Price?
    Part 5: Growing Your Business– Value vs. Price? 9th of September 2011 So how is business? “Not bad, but”….(the conversation trails off to a whisper)….”Joe across the street is killing me with his new lower prices….” Ah yes pricing.  But is the lower price what the customer really wants? Many studies have show that customers are looking for “value” and not price. Perceived value is what many smaller (non big box stores) should be providing – it is difficult making a living competing directly
  15. 27 May, 2011
    DEKA 2011 Awards Gala
    DEKA 2011 Awards Gala Week ending May 27, 2011 Last week The Hellenic Board of Trade of Metropolitain Montreal’s 2011 Deka Awards Gala took place.  This event is an annual celebration of outstanding Hellenic individuals, businesses and organizations. It was first celebrated 1996 as a part of HBOT’s mission to promote trade, commerce and business activities as well as to help the Hellenic community’s entrepreneurial spirit grow through the promotion of members’ participation and leadership in