Services & Publications


  1. Project Management
    Planning, executing, monitoring your project in such domains as construction, renovation and IT (Information Technology)
  2. Business Planning
    Evaluation of your challenges and setting business objectives to provide expert management.
  3. Business Development
    The harmonization of long term relationships between client, target market and company structure, as well as financial institutions.
  4. Financial Consultation
    Credit assessment and file preparation to facilitate request for SBLs, as well as information about how changes in the financial industry can impact your business.
  5. Tax Consultations
    Through our affiliation in the legal, tax and insolvency teams, we can assist you through those difficult times.
  6. Transactions
    Mergers & Acquisitions and Vertical Growth We are able to accommodate in all these aspects through our well qualified colleagues and affiliates.
Business Planning

Imagine. Plan. Design. Open. Manage

All it takes for start a great business is imagination, a good plan and strategy and appealing design. What is your story? What is the idea you want to take to the bank? Do you have an established business that is in need of growth? We take the time to sit down with you and understand your business in order to assess your goals, understand your industry and develop a plan that will allow you to consolidate or expand your market position. We will design a strategy for you, and thus become the architects of the structure of your company.

We can be the catalysts for the growth of your business. And with our project management services, we can plan, execute and monitor the progress of your various projects in order to bring them to completion, in various areas.


  • Accounting services
  • Restructuring, acquisition and consolidation services
  • Financial statements and projections of revenues
  • Research funding sources
  • Economic planning


  • ​​Brand identity and graphic design 
  • Website and social media strategy 
  • Market research and positioning strategy 
  • Online video marketing 


  • Basic formula, with or without cash flow
  • Level II with Inventor's Deck
  • The "Total" package with financial projections


  • Preset design plan according to your goals
  • Incorporation of your company
  • Design of your business for a sustainable growth plan
  • Securing of economic capital through with various lenders
  • Maintenance and continous monitoring with our consultants and services (CEO/CFA services)

Business Development

To succeed in a competitive market, a company needs to carefully manage the long-run relationship between its clientele, market, and organizational structure. To achieve said task, it requires the development and refinement of ongoing business operations.Our consultants use a range of assessment tools allowing us to understand your business and optimize its growth.


  • Evaluation of current performance 
  • Goal setting for growth 
  • Evaluation of diversification options


  • Evaluation of investments required
  • Generating detailed cash flow forecasts
  • Evaluating return on investment (ROI)
  • Developing a business plan and executive summaries
  • Facilitating financing of an expansion in your business


  • Maintaining and monitoring operations with CEO & CRO services
  • General consultation for the company and progblem solving


  • Conceiving, planning, executing and monitoring your projects to bring them to completion

​Financial Consulting 

Andion has over 30 years of experience in aiding companies toward the path of success. For many companies, one of the most stressful operations is to deal with financial institutions. Our experts are sensitive to the needs of each institution and are informed of the constant changes in the financial industry. Our resources extend to some of the largest accounting, banking and legal firms of Montreal, so that through our partnerships and contacts we have in hand all the tools allowing us to solve any potential risk you may encounter. We also address customers with a more sensitive budget to find alternative sources of funding in small business loans.


Significant structural changes require planning and careful execution. Let our expert team advice you on these types of business transitions.

  • Changes in corporate structure, mergers and acquisitions
  • Partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Private investment
  • Venture capital
  • The Organization of mortgage loans for commercial purposes
  • Project management services, such as CEO and CFO


We offer a full range of accounting and project managment services in partnership with a wide range of professionals with expertise at two levels, domestic and international. In addition, if you are looking for a consultation on topics outside the scope of our services listed, we have a network of professionals with whom we can do business to solve your problems. We are equipped to offer you advice for all your needs, no matter the size or budget of your business.

Our services, through our strategic colleagues, include: 

  • Accounting services [accounts receivable and accounts payable, be it local or international]
  • The incorporation of businesses
  • Cash management and the processing of payments, including the terminals of virtual bases
  • Payroll system, with currency conversion
  • Tax returns
  • Personal income and business statements
  • GST, QST and DAS returns
  • Resolution of problems related to taxation
  • Notary and legal services through our contacts
  • Project management

Franchising Opportunities 

Andion helps businesses with the development of franchises. Andion can also sell your franchises or help you buy one by evaluating the business model. Franchises purchasers or sales are between $200,000 and $1,000,000.00.