Andion Group Business Solutions

It all starts with analyzing your needs.
We are committed to your growth and your success.



It all starts with analyzing your needs.


“Shaping Visions into Reality”

We take the time to listen to your personal needs and we share your vision. Offering customer-tailored services to help you achieve measurable, stable and sustainable growth is our top priority. What makes Andion stand out is the personal approach we choose to take. We believe that every client is unique and so are their needs and goals. Our professionals will ensure you get the personal attention required to realize your ideas and will be with you every step of the way.


Leading providers in the industry

30 Years Market Experience – 3 decades of continuous market presence is in fact the proof of highly professional experience and market reliability.
We are business people too – we communicate effectively with our clients, knowing and understanding their needs because we are business people too.
No Geographical Boundaries – we use modern technologies and smart tools  to provide our services remotely to any client from Greece or abroad.
Exceptional Customer Service – a highly nimble and effective approach to giving our clients the services they need promptly and genuinely.
One stop Solutions – we support holistically the modern SMEs companies, providing turnkey and integrated services.
Trusted Advisors – we nurture our professional relationships with trust, humanity and empathy as well as integrity and confidentiality.
International Network – we offer high quality one-stop solution professional and compliance services on both local and international fronts.
Value for Money – our pricing is fair and reasonable & our team is committed to providing you quality, timely service that exceeds your expectations.

OUR COorporate social resposibility

Making the world a better place for everyone

We believe that helping and supporting communities and persons in need is an integral part of our philosophy. We collaborate with non-profit organizations dedicated to causes related to women, children and education. We believe that empowering women  is the key to successful communities worldwide. Children are our future and at Andion we believe that a little help goes a long way.

Who we are

We at Andion provide a diversified range of services and solutions for businesses and individuals looking to achieve new levels of successful growth. We are based in Montreal, Canada with affiliated offices in USA and Greece. The CEO Andre Michalopolos has more than 30 years of financial and business expertise with a large range of business relationships around the world.

Our team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals committed to facilitating all your personal and business needs.

We offer a full range of professional accounting, real estate, public relations, international trade facilitation, business consulting and translation services .


Andre Michalopoulos has always been a visionary and an entrepreneur even at an early age. At the age of 23 he started his first business in Ottawa, Ontario, and then moved on to work for New York Life Insurance in 1988 as an insurance and investment advisor. He became part of the Executive Council and was also awarded a position at the Million Dollar Round Table, an elite club open only to the best advisors.

In 1991, he decided to become an independent investment, insurance, and business consultant. He started by supporting local businesses and communities to help them better manage their business and get the most out of their investments. He later started working on financing several startups and expanding businesses. His efforts and hard work, integrity and dedication enabled him to build a network of clients and key individuals in multiple industries.

After 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Andre became involved with the banking world. He excels in managing and raising capital for clients in a variety of sectors. He supports some of the largest banking and credit union clients as well as those in the mortgage sector. He is also responsible for financial management, business development, organizing, leading, evaluating and problem solving.

In a constantly evolving field as the financial industry, Andre remains true to his beliefs and stays ahead of the financial curve through assimilating information, trends, issues and technological developments generated by banks, investors and international conferences.

Mr. Andre Michalopoulos sits on the Board of the English Montreal School Board Foundation and currently is the Chairman of the Board of Governors (Montreal) of The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.


We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporates Accounting, Legal Service, Property and Business Services

Property Management

Tailor-made guidance for investment and property management in Canada and Greece.

Legal Services

Personalized legal services to expertly manage your legal affairs in Canada and Greece.

Accounting Services

Full range of  accounting services for individuals and businesses.

Business Consulting

High quality services to successfully set up   and grow your business to its fullest potential.

Translation Services

Professional translation and interpretation services from and to Greek and English and French.

Property Management

With offices and affiliate partners in Greece and
Canada we are committed to helping you make
investments and manage your property in
Our experts can help you with an array of legal
and technical issues with high confidentiality and
respect of your individual needs to ensure that
you yield the best results from your property.

Our services include:

• Property evaluation
• Issuance of building permits
• Construction design
• Commercial and residential building construction
• Building restoration and renovation
• Residential, commercial and land rentals
• Residential, commercial and land sale and purchase
• Building maintenance and repairs
• Rental collection and bills payment
• Representation before any competent authorities in Greece
• Legal issues and legal transactions
• Property investment consultation

Accounting Services

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of professionals can put your mind at ease by efficiently handling all your tax affairs. With our expertise and knowledge in the field, we ensure our clients take full advantage of taxation laws for tax-saving or tax-deferring. Committed to provide top-of-the-line service, we use state-of-the-art technology and remain on the cutting edge of taxation and financial laws.

Our services include:

A) Accounting and Tax Services for Individuals
• Personal tax return filing
• Future tax planning

B) Accounting and Payroll Services for Businesses
• Bookkeeping
• Accounts receivable and accounts payable (domestic and international)
• Cash management
• Payroll system (with currency conversion if required)
• GST, QST and DAS returns
• Payments processing (including virtual bases terminals)
• Gross-to-net salaries calculations
• Pay slips issuance
• Year-end processing

We can help you with:

• Business planning and feasibility studies
• Credit risk assessments for individuals and companies of all sizes
• Corporate structure planning and implementation
• Budget planning
• Marketing strategies tailored to your individual needs
• Cash flow management
• Services/products launch and marketing
• Project management
• Consulting on loans, tax credits opportunities
• Company and products background verification
• Communication with prominent industry representatives
• International banking relations
• Strategic international corporation
• Government investment liaison

Business Consulting

Our business-minded and practical approach as well as the time we take to understand your business and people is what makes us stand out from others.

Our extensive network of professionals in a diverse array of fields enable us to offer our clients with top of the line advice and solutions and cater to your domestic and international needs.

Translation and Interpretation Services

We offer high quality professional translation and interpretation services from and to Greek and English to individuals, businesses and organizations. Our highly experienced professionals will ensure you always receive the personal attention required for your affairs.

Our services include:

• Translation of a variety of documents (legal, medical, official etc.)
• Quick turnaround time
• Guaranteed quality and confidentiality
• Competitive rates
• Translations accredited by OTTIAQ (Ordre des Traducteurs et des Interprètes Agreès du Quèbec) and ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario)
• Diverse areas and locations (Consulate appointments, court hearings, hospital/medical appointments etc.)
• Certifiable by all competent authorities in Canada and Greece including but not limited to:
a) CIC- Canadian Immigration and Citizenship
b) MIDI- Ministère de l’immigration, de la diversité et de l’inclusion
c) Société d’assurance d’automobiles du Québec
d) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
e) Greek Consulate and Embassy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my property in Greece get affected (Will I lose my estate) if I haven’t filed Tax Declarations for the past years?

    Filing Tax Declarations in Greece on an annual base is a prerequisite to own and maintain property in said country. For more information as to process required, contact us.

  • What do I need to do if my deceased parents have left property in Greece?

    The process involves opening your own estate account in Greece, accepting of inheritance and tax payment. One of our professionals at Andion would be more than happy to investigate your case and provide advice and solutions to suit your own individual needs.

  • How to sell/rent my property in Greece?

    Renting or selling your property in another country may prove a challenging and complicated task. Our advice is to contact a certified and experienced real estate agent who will guide you through the process and put your mind at ease.


  • What is the procedure to get my Greek passport/nationality/Tax Identification No.?

    While you may be entitled to apply for a Greek passport/nationality/Tax ID No. if you are of Greek descend, the process and requirements may prove challenging especially if you are not fluent in Greek. At Andion we can help you acquire your Greek passport/nationality/Tax ID No. at the shortest time possible by taking care of all documentation and actions required.

  • Why I don’t receive my pension from Greece?

    You may have provided incomplete and/or missing information to the Greek State. Visit Andion and one of our experts will investigate your case and offer proper advice.

  • Where should I file my Tax Declaration if I receive
    pension from both Canada and Greece?

    You should normally file your Tax Declaration in your country of residence. Contact us to find out what you need to do in order to avoid taxation from both countries.