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The cost of a business plan can vary depending on the size, complexity and assistance required. It is not unusual for a complete business plan to cost over $10,000. In part, the target audience, level of sophistication, research involved and content required all add to the cost and complexity of the plan. We strongly suggest that one of our do it yourselves plan can help in two ways: Reduce the time, and therefore the cost of third party involvement in the plan.
Allow the entrepreneur to have a better grasp of the planning process and involvement in a more effective business plan.
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Includes 10 Questions every entrepreneur most answer for a successful business plan. Target your plan for your appropriate funding source: Family and Friends,  Private,   Investors,  Crowdfunding, Financial institutions, Etc. We will assist you with: Content, Market Research, Geographic,  targeting,  Internet positioning, Social Media Plan and more.
Includes up to 30 Hours of telephone support
Includes meeting (live or video conferencing)
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